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That is, one burns brightly, and the other dimly. This scooter, one of the many that I had. And the brakes are one of the best systems on this scooter. I will say right away that the scooter is very economical and good to drive. In general, I did not get to the market – I returned home for the money. Suspension. I saw an advertisement for the sale of this scooter at an affordable price, the next day I called the seller and made an appointment. For quite a long time, I just dreamed of a scooter. This is one of the good options to buy. And since I often travel with a passenger and impressive luggage, I changed them over time to others. Two pulls are also quite tolerable, but he does not like climbs. Especially those parts that have a glossy finish. Although I’m talking about a scooter, I’m tempted to call it a motorcycle. And here I am driving around the city on this handsome red with big wheels and disc brakes. On the rear metal trunk there is a beautiful decorative plastic trim, which, if necessary, is removed and a wardrobe trunk is put in its place. 02.10.2015 This scooter is one of many that I had. It was wonderful time! But let’s leave the lyrics, let’s move on to the impressions of the mechanics. A beautiful stylish red wardrobe trunk complemented the image visually and became a good practical solution. What surprised me a little was that the front wheel had a larger diameter than the rear. Went on a normal road and squeezed it to the maximum). It seems like a trifle, but not practical. And yes! No problem drove 500 km in almost one sitting. Time passed, money was saved, and that day has come! I just went to the city market, and on the way I went to a motorcycle shop. And it does not fit in the alpha moto. I can not explain why such an effect, so I say it as it is. It is very economical. But this is a trifle and a feature, like the variator constantly squealing during acceleration. It all started when a friend bought a small small Japanese scooter and he gave me the second number. But I’ll say a few things for sure, the moped is economical, fast to the will for its engine cubic capacity and roomy. Of course, I was a little worried on the trip so as not to get anywhere. I will say right away that the scooter is very economical and good to drive. More than once I drove more than 150 km a day, and then one day I outlined a small long-distance run. 250 km one way. There is a luggage compartment under the seat and here we find a minus. The scooter accelerates gradually and smoothly up to 30 km / h, after 30 there is a slight undermining. As for the quality of the plastic, there is nothing to talk about for a long time.

Alfamoto Fighter tips

Good afternoon everyone. Before him, I had a scooter with slightly smaller dimensions and a smaller cubic capacity of the engine. They write about the engine that there are 50 cubes and only three horses. I examined the moped and decided to test it on the go. If on a straight line he develops maximum speed and easily leaves the Chinese "stool," then on the rise there is a risk that this same stool will overtake you. Very beautiful, but rather fragile. Before him, I had a scooter with a slightly smaller size. But I already talked about the brakes of this scooter. Painfully, he is good and impressive. Go. The moped picks up speed quite well and quickly and does not squeak or knock on the engine. But in native settings they are too soft. What a sense of freedom you experience when you ride with a friend on two large and powerful scooters around the city at night, going head to head. Anyway. At the same time, the engine does not go "overheated", but works quite calmly. The scooter is big and comfortable. Solid nostalgic good emotions. This scooter has served me faithfully for a long time. And here I am taxiing to the open gate of my friend’s house. But all superstitions eventually disappeared by themselves. I wanted to remember some breakdowns, but they didn’t exist. By the way, this is what I did almost immediately after buying a motorcycle. And this is with the engine properly broken in. Well, then everything goes by itself. I come to see the scooter and was pleasantly surprised, it is in excellent condition. I can say with confidence. That’s it. Yes, a person cannot fly, but sometimes a motorcycle replaces his wings. And the most annoying thing is that they cut me off 200 meters from the house and almost drove in. Quite a long time. more More rigid. Video: Returned to the seller and decided to buy it. Single cylinder with forced air cooling. Today I will share with you my experience of operating such a wonderful large scooter as the Alfamoto Fighter. With this size scooter, it could be much
more. At first, I could not get enough of the purchase, everything in it suited me, but I get bored very quickly). For some time I was criticized for buying a scooter of this brand, as there are more popular brands and they seem to have proven themselves, including from China. Front telescopic fork with a fairly wide 13-inch roller, rear 12-inch cast and standard swingarm suspension. From the unpleasant yet – unevenly luminous headlight lamps. Cold War! Naturally, I already felt somehow wrong when I rode on my stool for his brand new shiny Chinese. And I will return
scheduled on the day of departure. But frankly speaking, I was not convinced. He starts his. I will say a few words about reliability. In the front of the scooter there is a glove box that can be locked with a key. Disc brakes with hydraulic drive, one disc per wheel, cars with two calipers. The brighter lamp is just the same on the left – from the side of the oncoming stream. I immediately called a friend and said that I would come soon and drive my scooter out. Immediately noted that the suspension swallows bumps better than the Honda suspension. 09/13/2015 Good day to all. So many impressions! And even more so when I was driving! Want Want want! Then there were part-time jobs and shaking out piggy banks, and it all ended with the purchase of a Honda Tact (see my other reviews for experience in its operation). In many ways, of course, the same due to the wheels. He came home himself not believing his luck. Well, if you keep records of all the places intended for transporting luggage, then how can you forget about the space at the driver’s feet? There is also a folding plastic hook available to cling to a bag or package by the handles. I was not up to it and the light bulb was definitely not the decisive factor in my purchase of this scooter. Later I found out that this is a childhood disease of the Alfamoto Fighter model. So the relatively small Honda Tact has a trunk that can easily fit a standard motorcycle helmet. By the way, shock absorbers with the ability to adjust the compression force by pumping. I would say that the motor is highly revving, spins well but has moderate traction. The seller justified this by saying that this is how it should be, and this is so as not to blind the drivers of oncoming vehicles. The main thing is to monitor the condition of the drive belt and everything will be fine. My Alfamoto Fighter is a great scooter. The design of the frame without a ridge or even a tunnel classic for a motorcycle makes it possible to transport up to three sacks of potatoes on a fairly large platform at the driver’s feet. Today I will share with you my experience of operating such a wonderful large scooter as the Alfamoto Fighter. It is supposed to carry documents or other important small things there. At the same time, this four-stroke engine of a small scooter eats no more gasoline than a two-stroke engine of a small Honda Tact. True, they say that there are still 70 cubes, and I willingly believe this. On a straight road, you can "put an arrow." He goes his 80 kilometers per hour. The front is 13 inches, and the rear is 12. And that same friend bought himself a scooter more powerful, more beautiful and bigger. On the instrument panel there is a speedometer, a tachometer, a direction indicator sensor, a fuel level sensor, a high beam lamp and an alarm lamp. My friend’s jaw dropped! He also really liked the scooter, even though it was of the same class as his machine.

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