Does anyone here actually use straight talk and know what you can and can’t do on their internet?

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Does anyone here actually use straight talk and know what you can and can’t do on their internet?

I have bought a lot of phones, mainly because I move around a lot , and have to get a phone that has a signal in my area

wow people now a days get so angry on the computer its freedom of speech yall so get the fvck over it ok i came to this web site trying to find out about this strait talk and so far all i found is people whining and crying to each other because they dont like the comments so what get over it jeese people now from what i gather from the verry few on here that acually posted about strait talk instead of fighting on here is that its got excellent service for calling and texting and duh people u didnt think that they were gonna give you streaming videos or downloads did ya there too damn greedy to give that to ya there just like the rest of america now a days as long as they get there money they dont give a damn about you if your pissed off that u didnt get what u thought u paid for get over it you never get that anymore now im guessing that this plan does not include the website youtube or any thing like that big deal and while your sitting there critisizing my review because of lack of punctuation or spelling i really just dont give a shit what u have to say im sayin my part and just another thing america you all need to realize something THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU ok so just get over it cause if ya dont all your doing to your self is causing more greef now im going to walmart and im gonna buy me a strait talk phone and a 45 dollar card cause i think that its worth it to me it is i am a business man and im always texting or calling into the wee hours of the night so im dropping my att phone wich is unlimited too and im getting strait talk cause its cheeper and a well rounded plan now i dont like walmart so dont get that into your head if there is anyone out there that actually read this whole thing and didnt skip through it cootoes to you

also one more thing you can put all the negative comments you want about me on here it does not matter like i said i dont give a rats ass what u have to say in return i soport the strait talk plan and not that screw job that all the rest of america (excluding my self) voted for obama what a joke im black and i voted for mccain bitches

With walsung Finesse, the best features are blocked or disabled

Where I am now, it just so happens that Straight Talk phones are the only ones that work. I was very excited when I heard they were getting the Samsung ssung should be ashamed to do business with a company like Smart Talk, Tracfone, and Walmart.. to let them bastardize a product such as they have with the SCH-r810C Finesse™ (TracFone). You cannot return this piece of crap, and good luck selling it on the street (if you would be that mean). I had the same phone with another provider, and it was so good that I never considered spending the money for an iPhone. The only apps you will be using are the handfull of rinky-dink apps that are preloaded. No watching Youtube or anything else that might justify the $300+ that Walmart is stealing from unsuspecting buyers. I’m not a violent person, but this makes me want to fist-pound the faces of all responsible. I will be getting an iPhone4 no matter the cost (and I am going to have to pay the 2yr contract up front as my credit sucks – that’ around $3180 cash I will pay to not have to ever use a TracFone ever again) It is worth it !

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