How exactly to Utilize: Moon Light World Map? Just What Does the Moon Light World Map Show?

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How exactly to Utilize: Moon Light World Map? Just What Does the Moon Light World Map Show?

The Moon Light World Map programs by which areas of the globe the Moon happens to be over the horizon.

The planet map

The Moon and Sun icons in the globe map reveal the positioning associated with Moon in addition to Sun during the chosen some time date. They mark the locations where in actuality the Moon therefore the Sun come in the zenith, directly overhead.

The shadings that are overlapping where in fact the Moon and also the Sun are over the horizon during the chosen minute. The area that is light the Moon expression is when the Moon is over the horizon; the light area surrounding the Sun expression symbolizes daytime.

By standard, it shows the present situation at enough time you load the web page. If you’d like to choose a point that is different time

  • go through the Jump to links to go an amount that is certain of ahead or back in its history;
  • go through the periods links ( e.g., March equinox) critical link to choose among the seasons that are astronomical
  • or use the fields under Find the Moon at another right amount of Time in a Location to enter any time and date. The At Location field determines to which time area the time and date areas should refer.

The chosen date and time are presented at the end for the map, in both UTC as well as in the time that is local of house location.

Dilemmas? See “The Moon is meant to be over the horizon, but I do not notice it into the sky! What’s incorrect?” and “How do I alter my house location?” into the FAQ part below.

Moon phase

This part shows the last and then Moon phase and also the present lighting percentage. Remember that these records is the time and date you decide on, which might be not the same as the situation that is current.

Click the links when you look at the dining dining table to jump to your date and time when it comes to Moon that is listed phase.

Issues? See “ just What does ‘Fraction of moon illuminated’ mean?” in the FAQ part below.

Position for the Moon

The Moon icon within the map shows the Moon’s place at the date that is selected time.

the positioning regarding the Moon part underneath the map provides more information:

  • The geographic coordinates where in actuality the Moon seems within the zenith place (straight overhead).
  • The rate at which the accepted spot where in actuality the Moon appears into the zenith place is moving throughout the area regarding the world.
  • The table shows information regarding the Moon’s place 1 moment, one hour, and a day through the chosen moment in time:
    • Longitude Difference shows exactly how much the Moon will west have moved or east in levels of longitude as well as in terms of Distance across the world’s area. Remember that the exact distance presented right right here is applicable only to the Moon’s movements across the axis that is east-west. The total distance is shown within the line from the right. The Direction line shows by which way the zenith place need moved following the respective period of time.
    • Latitude Difference shows exactly like Longitude Difference, but also for the axis that is south-north.
    • Total Distance shows the real distance the Moon’s zenith place need relocated over the world’s surface.

Issues? See “how come it state that the Moon techniques east?” into the faqs (FAQ) part below.

Places using the Moon near zenith

This section provides a synopsis of places where in actuality the Moon appears in or close to the zenith place (straight overhead) during the chosen some time date.

  • Neighborhood Time shows the existing neighborhood amount of time in each location.
  • Distance shows each location’s distance through the destination where in fact the Moon seems when you look at the zenith place.
  • Direction suggests for which way you will have to go to get through the destination where in actuality the Moon seems into the zenith place into the particular location in record.

Faqs (FAQ)

The Moon is supposed to be over the horizon, but I do not notice it within the sky! What exactly is incorrect?

Even yet in places where in fact the Moon is over the horizon, it might be hidden around brand New Moon or if it is cloudy.

Are you able to fast forward or rewind?

The map is fixed and shows the specific situation in the right time you loaded the web page or even for the chosen moment in time. Even though it is extremely hard to constantly fast ahead or rewind, you should use the Jump to links underneath the map to maneuver a certain quantity of time ahead or back in its history.

How come it state that the Moon moves east?

The Direction line in the dining table under Position regarding the Moon frequently suggests that the Moon has relocated east. This might be confusing considering that the world’s rotation constantly causes the Moon to move west from constantly


Nonetheless, this just occurs into the twenty four hours line which shows the distinction within the Moon’s zenith place between your chosen time and a day after it. For the reason that period of time, the Moon has relocated, from

viewpoint, thus far west so it has nearly come back to where it started. But, because it moves in identical way because the rotation associated with world through the span of a lunar thirty days, it constantly ultimately ends up a little further east than twenty four hours prior to.

just what does zenith mean?

It is the location when you look at the sky that is straight above you. Find extra information here.

What does “Fraction of moon illuminated” mean?

This means that exactly how much associated with Moon’s noticeable area is illuminated because of sunlight in the chosen moment. It is 0% around brand brand New Moon and 100% around Comprehensive Moon

Does the Moon icon show Moon stages?

No, the Moon within the map is fixed and always seems like a complete Moon, except throughout a lunar eclipse. Utilize our Moon stage Calculator to look at times and times during the the Moon stages.

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