I'd say that AFF is probably above

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I’d say that AFF is probably above

I’d say that AFF is probably above average, there’s definitely worse out there and it has the most important thing – a bunch of women. Id say it’s not got as hookup bars in London many as hookuphangout (in my area certainly) but still has enough to keep you busy. There are occasional time wasters but overall i like this site a lot and will be taking a longer subscription when my month trial runs out. Happy days.

Fake profiles. You are going to waste time and money.

As everyone else is saying and I have long suspected, AFF and all the other sites are using former member photos and profiles to lure you deeper. They are very sleazy people. I only join with a balance on a gift card. No way was I going to give a credit card and find out later that they continue taking money from the card. Funny, the earth has more people than ever before and yet, it’s getting harder to find someone.

If you are into wasting time on bots

If you are into wasting time on bots, getting blackmailed or paying for bullsh*^ this is the place for you. A platform like AFF could be SO much better but like every one else they only care about money while shielding themselves from liability. Don’t waste your time, energy or money on this.

My husband and I are very disappointed…

My husband and I are very disappointed at this web site. We signed up yesterday and got nothing but ripped off and also complete fakes. It was our very first time and we can say we will never ever go to this site again. Everything is completely complicating and an utter disappointment.


this site is such horse crap its all bots i payed 58 bucks and all i get is spam if you get on this site you will be really disappointed i promise don’t waste your money like i did .

nothing real. that i found anyway

tried this site a year ago. nothing but scams with fake profiles over and over. in the year i was there i never met anyone. only spoke to someone on a phone 3-4 times in the entire year and every time i asked to meet i was always put off. not one time did i get to meet anyone and i was even willing to drive 45 mins. 2 that i met wanted money to meet them while the other one would never commit to meet. the last one i tried for over a month as she always seemed busy. this was the biggest waste of money for anyone to waste. DO NOT. i repeat DO NOT THINK YOU WILL EVER MEET ANYONE ON HERE. at least thats what i found. after i let my subscription run out ( and i did not request auto payments for the membership ) they went ahead and charged my card for escort service. it was charged as fnnhelp aff. and under that on the second line it said escort service. i opened a case and now that just says fnnhelp aff and the second line where it said escort service is no longer there. i dont know if that was a glitch or not but id like to know why aff comes up as an escort service on my card when its an adult site. needless to say after this big mess ill never go back. BEWARE of this site as so far it seems seedy at best. you will never meet anyone ( well i never did even though i tried ) and watch your credit card after you end your membership. NOT a professional business at all if they will bill your credit card that way. IM DONT AND WONT GO BACK. BEWARE OF THEM.

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