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Being able to communicate effectively with stakeholders, project managers, developers, and software vendors involved in the software development process is essential for a solutions architect. They cooperate with all the teams involved in the development process and need to know how every product and service work in architecture. solution architect roles and responsibilities A solutions architect needs all this knowledge to oversee a successful delivery of a quality end product to its end users. In terms of software development, this is the goal behind solution architecture – to describe, design, and manage how things should be in order to achieve business goals and solve problems.

In the process of converting requirements to an architecture there are often parts of the SA’s role which seem out of place. For instance, there is often a fair amount of research that happens during this phase. The research may be targeted at testing a technology that will become critical to the architecture. For instance, the SA may test to see if USB or serial port access is available from Java if there’s a need to read a device without downloading software.

Senior Solutions Architect

In addition, he/she must be a specialist in at least one particular IT area. Basically, he/she must be computer savvy with sound knowledge of computer hardware and software. He/she is expected to work closely with clients and business representatives to understand their business needs and design unique plans to tackle the IT need of each business or client.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

Sustain assistance requests by GitLab team members as a pre-sales and technical solutions authority for the top 10% of our iACV opportunities. Engage with customers, both onsite and remote, in a technical consultancy and advisor role during the pre-sales process while providing technical assistance and solution guidance. Hopefully this blog on AWS Solutions Architect roles and responsibilities provided you with an in-depth picture of the career prospect of being an AWS Solution Architect, his salary and how to be certified.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Solution Architect

But how does an AWS Certified Solution Architect is required to work when looking at a particular day or role and responsibilities of his profile? What are the major tasks carried out by solution architects on a routine basis? The companies that develop software on an industrial level hire solution architects who can communicate with their clients during contracts or guide the architecture from beginning to finish. Obviously, there’s no need for an individual solution architect for every product.

  • At times, you may be called upon to oversee the actions of a developer team, responding to queries as and when they arise.
  • Finding the best tech solution among all possible to solve the existing business problems.
  • A solution architect accounts for developing a complete architecture for a software solution and offering strategic direction all through the development phase.
  • Equally important, they should be able to draw conclusions from data so as to make optimal IT-related recommendations.
  • While a solution architect doesn’t directly get involved in project management, accounting for deadlines and given resources is inevitable.
  • The primary role of a technical solutions architect is to identify issues within a company’s technology stack and then carefully spell out solutions that people in the organization can understand.

Build a software solution with robust architecture specific to your business need. What role does he play in the software development lifecycle , and can an enterprise do without one? In this comprehensive guide detailing everything you need to know about a Solution Architect, you will find your answers. Collaborate with IT development team to assure architectural solution could be suitably translated into effectual and robust implementation.

Qualifications For Solution Architect

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What is a cloud architect? A vital role for success in the cloud – CIO

What is a cloud architect? A vital role for success in the cloud.

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Solution architects work in tandem with product managers, and in some teams, these roles often rest on one person. In others, the solution architect’s role leans a little more towards the actual engineering facets of the solution’s development process. Many enterprises make the mistake of merely hiring an enterprise architecture specialist who delegates tasks to the development teams. They do this in a bid to cut out the middle-man, i.e., the solution architect. However, this manoeuvre can prove risky, given that having a solution architect in the fray, is essential to ensure the correct implementation of the solution being developed. The primary role of a technical solutions architect is to identify issues within a company’s technology stack and then carefully spell out solutions that people in the organization can understand. Part of the role is about fixing issues, and part of it is explaining to company stakeholders why they are experiencing problems and the options open to them for solving them.

Project And Resource Management Skills

To mitigate the risks you might face on projects, you need a solution architect. It will help prevent the emergence of technological risks as, for example, the underlying technologies are not well suited to implementing a particular digital solution. If SA is involved in the development, you can be completely confident that the new software product will solve key business problems. This means that at the end of development, the company receives not just a working application, but a product that will lead to scaling. If many teams are involved in the process, you may need an IT solution architect who’ll manage software architects to produce a quality outcome. It must fit into the current enterprise architecture—the software the company’s been using before.

You should know the percentage of each topic and how much time should be given for different concepts. He has to initiate a healthy discussion with the client and update them from time to time on the progress of a project. He has to be sure that the best practices for configuration management are carried out as it was needed. He has to work with other members of a team and other departments to establish healthy communication and information flow.

Requirements Analyst Job Description

A solution architect is the person in charge of leading the practice and introducing the overall technical vision for a particular solution. Support the Sales team from the beginning of a sales cycle to understand a client’s overall technology direction, and apply expertise to develop the most optimal solution for the client’s organization. He or she must be able to effectively communicate issues of technical nature to clients. Ability to set and meet target is also very important as most projects have limited time frame.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

However, the exam can be taken without previous preparation — all that is required is deep knowledge of the architecture concepts and principles and a vast hands-on experience in the industry. While these aspects are constraints in themselves, each of them has its own limitations. The solution architect must understand all these constraints, compare them, and then make a number of technological and managerial decisions to reconcile these restrictions with project goals. Besides these roles, some specifically add an infrastructure architect to the paradigm.

Best Solution Architect Job Descriptions

For instance, a product is built with technologies that must suit the requirements of its particular modules. A project scope is a part of software documentation that defines specific goals, tasks, features, and functions.

If a solution is created to optimize internal processes, it is essential to develop a solution that will be easily integrated into the corporate structure. In such a situation, the solution architect must understand the company’s business processes in the solutions that are already used in the company. By understanding these processes, they will design a specific solution that is most suitable for the environment.

Roles & Responsibilities Of Solution Architect

That is why this role requires a high level of awareness in regard to industry trends and enterprise-grade solutions that boost productivity and increase competitiveness. Technical Architects are a rare combination of advanced technical skills and incredible managerial abilities. They are indeed the unicorns of the tech job market, as described by Indeed.com. A technical architect acts as a bridge between technical and business aspects of an organization and oversees the design and implementation of IT systems.

solution architect roles and responsibilities

With a skilled team of software architects for your convenience, we can help you orchestrate success through software. In a challenging technology environment, Solution Architects are some of the best allies to have on your team to align business requirements with technology solutions. Solution Architects are highly valuable assets in any enterprise, but their significance becomes more distinct in large-sized companies that require a robust solution architecture framework. Companies benefit from employing a Solution Architect as projects become more complex and challenging. The ITIL Expert certificate is a prerequisite for gaining this credential.

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