Besides joining these platforms, there are other ways to find your first customers

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Besides joining these platforms, there are other ways to find your first customers

For example, via your friends and professional contacts; by sharing your portfolio on your social media; or by reaching out to companies directly (e.g., offering a copywriting service to a website with poor copy).

9. Copywriter, Translator or Proofreader

If writing is your strength, you can easily turn it into a source of income. Youve seen that a little with the online work that bloggers do.

As a result, its not too much of a stretch that bloggers also take up freelance writing as a copywriter, translator or proofreader.

You might be taking good writing for granted everyone can write, right? In fact, many people are not skilled in crafting sales messages, comprehensive descriptions or even social media posts. That or they dont have the time for these tasks. Ultimately, theres a large audience happy to outsource such tasks, making them excellent online jobs from home.

Similarly, many entrepreneurs write their own website texts or blog articles that just need editing and proofreading, or translation for other markets. All you need to do to capture that clientele is offer them your skills and experience.

State your areas of expertise in your resume and share examples of your work this way youll stand out from the competition.

10. Web or Graphic Designer

  • Website landing page design
  • Logo design
  • Mobile app design
  • Business cards corporate souvenirs
  • Ads, banners and marketing materials
  • Leaflets, brochures, e-books
  • Packaging design
  • Presentation design
  • Diverse illustrations

For example, try adding your designs on illustration databases, 99Designs platform or Creative Market where designers set their own price for their artwork.

11. Language Tutor

People have been eager to learn new languages since ancient times. Luckily, its much easier to master a new language today than it was centuries or even decades ago.

Doesnt matter if your mother tongue is English or any of the worlds 7000 languages. You are sure to find students willing to learn or practice with you.

For example, you may include some cultural facts in your course, or make your classes extra fun, informal, or flexible for any hour of the day whatever is your thing.

12. Voiceover

If you have excellent vocal skills in your native language, theres a vast opportunity for you to earn money with them. The best part this job is easy to do as all you need is a computer, a good microphone and a room with decent acoustics.

13. Customer Support Representative

Many companies are looking to outsource customer support especially if their client base is global and they cannot provide round-the-clock support with their own team.

If you are into helping people or would like to build experience in this area, offering your services will make for great freelancing work.

Email, social media and chat support as well as lead generation are the most common tasks of an outsourced customer service representative.

However, the wider the range of services you offer, the higher your chance of getting hired is. For example, you can add data entry jobs, social media management, report preparation and other responsibilities to your resume to make you stand out.

On the other side, you can work as a mystery shopper evaluating the customer service quality of other online shops and websites. Mind that to have this as a serious online job, youll need to do quite a bit of mystery shopping.

14. Consultant, Advisor or Coach

If you are an expert in literally any area, there are people who want to hear your opinion and learn from your experience.

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