But, when her outgoing partner defends her girlfriend and announces her own sexuality, it has disastrous consequences

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But, when her outgoing partner defends her girlfriend and announces her own sexuality, it has disastrous consequences

A young woman returns to her rural hometown to visit her family, from whom she hides the fact that she is a lesbian. This incredible short film perfectly explores an abuse of trust, the sickening realities LGTBQ+ women face every day simply for being who they are and recognises that many of them don’t get a happy ending.

A young lesbian couple truly live in a love bubble. They have the world at their feet and the rest of their lives ahead of them, or at least they wish they did. When tragedy strikes, Madison takes it upon herself to continue living her life, not just for herself, but for Lily too. This short film has a unique storyline and is a great example of offering the viewer a glimpse into something beautiful and then snatching it away from them when they least expect it. This endearing film ought to be on everyone’s (not) bucket list to watch.

When brunette Katie encounters a confident, life-loving blonde and they spend the night together, she begins to question her sexuality, due to this being her first experience with a woman. She spends the next day mulling over last night’s excitement in her head but will she ever see the woman again? If you’re a fan of comedy, you’ll love this comedic short. Katie’s one-liners and awkward personality will crack you up and, undoubtedly, give you someone to relate to. We all do and say things without thinking when we’re around our crush, right?

This incredibly short, yet incredibly sweet, short film is about a 1900s lesbian couple, caught between their devotion for one another and what society expects them to be. They are faced with a choice, move on from one another and live life as a lie or shout their love from the rooftops and live unashamedly. Which will they pick? What makes this short film so special is that it allows us to reflect on how much the world has progressed in such a short time. It provides hope that, one day, society will be even more inclusive, and it reminds us that LGBTQ+ women have been fighting for acceptance long before any of us were even born.

Morgan is confused about her sexuality. She thinks she’s straight but, when dared to lovestruck review kiss best pal Sarah at a party, her confusion is only amplified. But, there’s a problem, Sarah is dating Nick – a boy – and Morgan is pretty certain that her feelings for Sarah are only one-sided. When an intoxicated Sarah confesses to Morgan that her relationship isn’t as perfect as people think, it prompts Morgan to speak out too. What makes this film so perfect is how true to life it is. Many young girls experience identity confusion and many have crushes on their girl friends too, so you’ll probably find some comfort when watching this, knowing Morgan is going through the same thing.

But, the audience is still left rooting for love throughout

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As heart-shattering as A Private Matter is, it will also make anyone’s heart burst with it’s beautiful depiction of the young couple’s unity and love for one another during a terrible time

If short films with a twist are your thing, you’ll love Unspoken. When Emily struggles to fit in with her ‘popular girl’ roommate, meeting Morgan is just what she needs. Morgan becomes a close friend and someone she can talk to. She is also someone who aids Emily on her path to discovering herself. But when Emily finally plucks up the courage to tell Morgan how she feels, will the love be reciprocated? Emily’s innocence and overwhelming affection for Morgan is what makes this film so touching. Even if things don’t end quite how you expect or hope them to, Unspoken is an important reminder to all of us to tell the people we care about how we really feel when we have the chance.

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